Thanksgiving is traditionally the time of year we take to give thanks for the abundant harvest and all that the earth has provided us. For the modern urban dwellers, this holiday has become a time to spend with family, eat great food, and have an extra day off with pay! While that makes for a perfect way to spend this long weekend, making time  to express gratitude can make our lives just a little bit happier, a little bit richer, and a whole lot more aware of what we really have!

Here’s five ways you can add a little pep in your step this Thanksgiving by cultivating some gratitude in your life.

  1. Take the time to “stop and smell the roses”. Just a few minutes each day to look around you and really see what is there can leave you reflecting on all the good in your life. Take a few moments as you enjoy your morning coffee or tea to just sit, listen, and observe. Notice the sound of the rain on the pavement, the birds in the background, or the woman laughing with her child across the room. Give your brain a moment to relax. A moment of calm before you start your day can make all the difference in how you react to the moments and experiences in your own life.
  2. Make yourself a gratitude jar or journal! Each evening take a moment to write down 1-3 things you are grateful for each day.  From the warmth of the sun, the hug your little one gave you in the morning, to the clean bill of health your doctor gave you. Acknowledging what you are grateful for can give you a clear perspective on what is important. If you decide to do a gratitude jar, get some small slips of paper and write down what you are grateful for. When you are having a tough day take a moment and peek inside the jar! Seeing all that you have in your life may give you a new perspective!A photo by Aaron Burden.
  3. Turn the negative thoughts into positive ones! The way we often talk to ourselves can have a hindrance in our ability to have a positive outlook on life. How we talk to ourselves has a direct correlation to our happiness! For example instead of “my husband forgot our anniversary, he’s an ass and  clearly doesn’t care about us”, try “he may have forgotten the day, but wow, he can’t forget the years! We’ve had some really great times”. Not only does this put your husband into a better light for you, but it also allows you to reminisce about the time you’ve spent together, the time you have valued.
  4. Express Gratitude to others in your life! It goes without saying we just feel good when we make others feel good! Send that thank you note, make that call, maybe give a gift!  Tell others in your life how much you value and appreciate them! From your parents to the postal worker, some people just make our lives better!
  5. Give back to the community! Whether you are serving soup at the local shelter or holding someone’s hand at the hospice, giving back feels good! Not only is it good for you, but what you give to others can make all the difference in someone’s life. Being heard and cared for, even for a moment, can be life changing for that person.  helping

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What are some creative ways you show gratitude in your life? leave a comment below!