One thing is for sure, I am a lover of the sun, a beach bum, and a traveler to the tropics come winter, yet there is something to be said for the fall season. The misty mornings, the slight chill in the air, the rainstorms that are abundant here in the Pacific North West, all make me want to cozy a little deeper into my warm blankets in the early morning hours.

Fall is a time for self-care. A time to nurture yourself after the business of summer. It’s a time to slooowww down and take it all in.

This fall I am going to indulge in all the things that bring me comfort, calm, and coziness.

Here are just a few of my favorites this fall!


New Moon Tea Co is a lovely local tea company based in the countryside near Chilliwack BC. They specialize in herbal teas and tea products and the best part is they are all  organic and locally sourced. In the summer I am drawn to their Iced Tea Blends especially the June Bug Blend. This fall I am looking forward to indulging in some of their seasonal blends including Honeybush CiderTurmeric Tonic, and the Elderberry Tonic. They also carry some super cute tea infusers! If you are a tea lover you’ll love this company! You can order online from their website as well! I look forward to curling up with a good book and some delicious tea all fall!

One of my favorite things to do in fall is redecorating! Whether it is just adding a new throw or a whole room do over its the perfect time of year to  add in a few pieces! My go to decor shop this fall is Farmhouse Bliss. I met Bobbi, the owner, last year at the Vintage Barn Market. She has an amazing sense of style and a great selection of trendy pieces in her shop. A few of my faves this fall are:


There is nothing like a hot bath on a cold fall night and hands down it is my favorite thing about fall!  Jack and Audrey’s Natural Products makes that bath extra special with their amazing scented soaps and products! Sasha has an amazing ability to put together just the right blends of scents to bring you to whatever mood you’re looking for. Her in-depth knowledge of the ingredients she uses leaves me feeling safe to put them on skin! Luckily I ran into Sasha a few years ago when she was still working her day job and building her business. She was so passionate about her company and told me it started when she had kids and she realized how many harmful ingredients were in the store brand products she was using. She began diving into the research and started making her own. Her business has grown in large part due to the passion she puts into learning about the ingredients she uses and keeping her loved ones, Jack and Audrey, healthy.


She also has an amazing collection of felted wall hangings listed in her Etsy store!   She recently moved to the ultimate beach life and currently lives on a boat! These sea-inspired creations are one of a kind and definitely, a must have!


Those are just a few of my local favorites! be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram and in their online shops to find out where you can find them over the fall market season!!

What are your favorites for fall?

Have a local favorite you’d love for me to share mention them below!